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Back in 1994 I was very ill. Having gone to over 100 doctors, not one of them could tell me why. Finally after spending most all my savings on medical care, selling most of my belongings as well as my car, I still couldn't pay my rent because I could barely work. As luck would have it, fate stepped in and I met a Holistic Doctor who helped me change my diet and though I was beginning to feel better, I was far from well. This wonderful man and I became very close and I moved in with him. My thinking was "Heck, I am so ill, I definitely could use a doctor 24/7". :) He liked me and I liked him, so we began a relationship. One day we decided to remodel the waiting room of his health clinic which was attached to the front part of our now 'shared' home. The paint we chose was cheap and as it turned out extremely toxic. I began to react severely and had to leave. He had a friend who had loaned him one of the Living Air Purifiers. We plugged it in and left to go to a movie. I didn't understand how 'this thing' could help fumes but oh well, I just needed to get out of there! Several hours later we came back thinking we were just going to grab some cloths and go to a hotel when we were both shocked to find the fumes could barely be noticed!! I says to him "So, WHAT is this thing"?? From what his friend explained, the unique system electronically re-created the similar elements of 'Nature' ie; Sunshine, Wind and Rain. These ions and activated oxygen molecules break up toxins and cleanse the air *Plus* all surfaces, clothing, toys, animal areas and furniture! Wow, okay. What you then have is Mountain Fresh Clean Sanitized Air and belongings throughout your whole house or office. This unit is NOT a filter, mind you. It is a PURIFIER which is as big a difference as a car is to a jet airplane. It safely literally dissolves the junk out of our air and everywhere the air is. My doctor friend and I kept the purifier plugged in and guess what?? I began to feel better and better. We very rarely even have colds and flues and air borne allergic reactions are a thing of the past. I now know that indoor air was a major factor in what was making and keeping me ill. Constantly breathing Dust, Mold, Germs, Perfumes and Chemicals, it's hard to be healthy. Most people do not realize this because dirty indoor air is invisible. :( Well, if you've read this far, you probably know, needless to say we have been living with and sharing Living Air ever since that fateful day in 1994! I have become a skilled Environmental Specialist and love teaching others how to be healthy through this simple Pollution Solution. In closing, I truly wish for you to experience this amazing gift yourself. After studying and learning about how nasty most indoor environments and air are, being that even cleaning chemicals are very toxic, I travel with one of the Living Air units. In addition, I wear the small 'Buddy' around my neck when I fly. I notice I am much more refreshed and relaxed after a long flight than I was before. I hope you will discover as I and now 100's of 1000's have the gift of Living Air. You WILL notice how much better and even happier you feel. ** Plus your cleaning chores will significantly be reduced! We need to breathe fresh air all the time, especially indoors where the air is 5 to 100's of times worse than LA on a smoggy day! Here's to your optimum health and happiness. Check out the other products. The **Laundry Pure** is a great innovative revelation as well! I am so thankful for all the smart people at Vollara who dedicate their talents so we each can lead healthier happier lives . :) Sincerely, SuniRae and Carl Lemke Holistic Health Consultants since 1994 Owners of Healthy Longevity, Inc. 928-554-1323 **30 Day Money Back so you can See** PS. In all these years, No one ever brings them back. :):)

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