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Our parent company has its roots in 1924 as Electrolux, USA, a company known for excellence in its technology, unmatched service, and endless accomplishments with products honored in the Smithsonian and over 50 million satisfied customers. The dedication to creating endless opportunities for people and innovating healthy living solutions of Electrolux helped inspire the creation of Vollara.

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FreshAir Mobile Portable Air Purification Technology

FreshAir Mobile from Vollara

Take Your Fresh Air With You

In today's modern environment with long daily commutes or your next road trip, the FreshAir Mobile is ideal for providing the cleanest, healthiest air for your car, truck, R.V. or camper. The FreshAir Mobile provides the latest in air purification technologies, utilizing ActivePure Technology which features a high intensity UVC lighting. ActivePure Technology helps create healthier spaces and is Certified Space Technology™. The FreshAir Mobile is a pocket-sized unit that significantly reduces unpleasant odors, contaminants and pollutants.

Benefits of FreshAir Mobile

  • Removes airborne contaminants and alleviates symptoms such as coughing, sneezing and itchy or watery eyes
  • Freshens air and removes odors in otherwise stale-prone environments
  • Removes dirt and dust from the air to make cleaning easier
FreshAir Mobile from Vollara

This product does not meet California requirements and cannot be shipped to California or Canada

The Active Technology Air Freshener for Wherever You Go

The advanced technology contained within the FreshAir Mobile serves to make breathing easier, cleaner and healthier. This sleek, pocket-sized unit provides the cleanest, freshest air possible.

  • Uses super oxide ions and hydro peroxides created by ActivePure Technology to remove contaminants
  • Negatively charged ions remove particles from the air to reduce harmful contaminants and pollutants
  • The FreshAir Mobile also has a high intensity UVC light that makes use of the same oxidation and ionizing properties of light as naturally occurring sunlight
  • Touch sensitive settings to provide ease of operation and function
  • Multiple settings to customize and optimize the usage of the FreshAir Mobile for multiple environments ranging from a small automobile, large R.V., hotel room or camper
  • Eliminates smoke, odors, and contaminants on surfaces in the areas where you spend a great deal of time
FreshAir Mobile from Vollara

FreshAir Mobile Specifications

Max O3 <0.05 ppm (ambient) 1.75 ppm Max
Technology Needlepoint ionization, ActivePure cell
Power Usage 12 Volts, 10 watts
Applications Automobiles, 18-wheelers, tractor cabs, hotel rooms, office cubicles
Coverage 500 sq. ft.
Size 3.625" wide x 1.0" high x 6" deep (w/o base)
Weight 8 oz
Warranty 1-year limited warranty

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