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Our parent company has its roots in 1924 as Electrolux, USA, a company known for excellence in its technology, unmatched service, and endless accomplishments with products honored in the Smithsonian and over 50 million satisfied customers. The dedication to creating endless opportunities for people and innovating healthy living solutions of Electrolux helped inspire the creation of Vollara.

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SafeHearth® Energy-Efficient Space Heater with ActivePure® Technology

Vollara’s SafeHearth® Energy-Efficient Space Heater with ActivePure® Technology

Clean, Safe, Efficient Radiant Heating

Natural odor and contaminant eliminating processes and warm, clean, radiant heat are delivered throughout any room, effectively and conveniently with the safety and security that only comes from SafeHearth. As ActivePure Technology works to remove odors and "scrub" the environment, SafeHearth's heating plate gently and evenly warms the area, providing comfort and peace of mind during cold nights and chilly days.

The PTC heating element is made from ceramic stone and heats quickly while being energy efficient. It is also durable, providing a longer life for the heating element. Unlike these other heaters, SafeHearth provides a quiet, even heat that fills the room.

SafeHearth offers an economical way to put safe heating just where it's needed, allowing a lower thermostat setting to help save on heating bills. Add to that a long life-expectancy, low maintenance, and safety features to make it safer for your home, your children and your pets. It's easy to see why SafeHearth is a better choice for personal heating!

Benefits of SafeHearth

  • Portable heating system with ActivePure® Technology
  • Reduce contaminants while heating your environment
  • Option to run the unit as an air purifier without heating
  • Safety features to help prevent fires and make it safer for children and pets
  • Simple design for ease of use and long life
  • Doesn't emit harmful fumes or carbon monoxide
  • An energy efficient way to heat your environment
  • Provides peace of mind for a safe and warm home
SafeHearth from Vollara

*Does not meet California requirements. Cannot be shipped to California or Canada

PTC Heating and ActivePure “Certified Space Technology” Built In

  • SafeHearth includes many features designed for comfort, safety and peace of mind – exactly what's needed in a smarter, better space heater.
  • Specially designed PTC heating element made from ceramic stone.
  • Energy efficient ECO Mode setting uses 1/3 less power
  • Includes tip-over safety feature to automatically turn off unit if it is knocked over
  • If the internal components reach a high temperature, the heater will automatically shut off
  • A dual purpose timer allows you set the heater to automatically start or turn off unit in one hour increments
  • Soft coating on the grate prevents burns if accidentally touched
  • Runs quieter than standard furnaces
  • Heats evenly with a comfortable, balanced heat and does not effect the humidity in the room
  • Adjustable heat levels allow you to control the temperature in the room
  • Output rated at 5,100 BTU
  • Exclusive ActivePure Technology is Certified Space Technology and sends "scrubbers" to remove contaminants from surfaces
  • Includes an easy to use and clean washable filter and the internal fan is made of metal components for long life
  • Includes a full function remote control for easy operation
  • There is an option to run the unit as an air purifier without the heat year round.
SafeHearth from Vollara

SafeHearth Product Specifications

Technology PTC heating element
ActivePure cell
Safety Features Overheat safety features
Tip-over safety feature
Power Usage 120 Volts AC 1,000-1,500 watts
Lint Screens & Filters Washable rear filter
Output 5,100 BTU
Coverage Up to 1,000 sq. ft.
Size 16.75" high x 13.125" wide x 16.5" deep
Weight 23 lbs
Warranty 3 year limited warranty

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